When Breastfeeding Is Not Enough


Everybody this’ my mother
and my mother’s a good motherer

When I was born
I perceived
the world I was born in
was full of struggling__
didn’t want to live
but my mother was a good motherer
would blend crayfish
pour it in my milk
mix it in my pap
so thick
she would clot my nostrils
forcefully gulping
I would be sounding:
Gborkudugbudu! Gborkudugbudu!!
Like a noisy pig

Any innocent passer-by would shout and say:
“Ah! You will kill this boy!”
but look at me today,
I’m a very big boy.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

NOTE: In the country where I was born, it is believed that after 7months of birth, nursing mother must be forcefully feeding their babies with sugarless pap to complement breastfeeding and baby-tin-foods so that their babies can be healthy, heavy, aggresive and strong.
The act of feeding the baby with the sugarless pap always look murderous. The baby’s head is turned upside down, the baby’s body is clamped between the mother’s thighs and the baby’s nose is blocked while the baby gasp for air, the mother will be pouring the pap into the baby’s mouth. The mother stops only when she feels the baby is satisfied.


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