Why Did You Cut Our Trees?

By samuel enunwa, http://www.PoetryPoem.com/samueldpoetry442 Unlock all Features – Upgrade to

_______________the street I grew______________
____________was full of trees which___________
___________we used to play with worms_________
__________while mom hatch kola nuts out________
_________its puds so painted green under______
__________the kola nut tree easily with________
_____________knife. We used to lick___________
______________tangerine under its_____________
________________tree and swing________________
__________________guava tree__________________
___________________and did____________________
___________________play so____________________
___________________on or______________________
_________________trees in_____________________
________________our street____________________
__________I revisited it last week____________
______but O! Our beautiful tree-street________
________has so suddenly been detreed._________
_______Samuel C. Enunwa; samueldpoetry_______


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