Ways To Suddenly Become A Media News Reader

Hi! I’m GodKnows.

I’m glad to know you’re here to flow with this stream of information.
I’m writing about how you can suddenly become a media news reader. I said “suddenly” because I mean it.

To be a media news reader is a very awesome thing. Though, notions might differ from person to person but must people wish to become a media news reader because of its famous and iconic nature.

You might have wished for it but looking at yourself you realised it’s impossible due to one or two reasons. I’m here to remind you that “…everything is possible.”

Let me start by mentioning some of the false advices you might have received which have quenched the light of hope in you:
(a) you need the help of an influential person in your society.
(b) you need to bribe your way in.
(c) you need to have a strong spiritual backup because those in the system have it.
(d) you need to know someone or some people inside the media house you’re targetting.
(e) you need to get connected closely to the director or GM of the media house you’re targetting.

As lame as the points above can be, the should never be yardstick for your becoming or becoming not a media news reader.
Be assured that the points I’ll mention below will work for you in as much as you can hear almost perfectly, you can read perfectly, you can write what you read perfectly and you can speak moderately audible.

(i) A Credential In Mass Communications/Journalism.
If you have a certificate in mass communications or journalism you’re safe. If you have not, there are two things involved. It’s either you get certified (even a few months of diploma course in mass communications/journalism will be of help) or you become an apprentice; meaning, you get a professional media news reader to train you and show you the nitty-gritty.
I hope you can now see that certificate is a thing of little worry.

(ii) Tongue And Type.
You are now convinced that you can still be a media news reader. It time for you to start watching your tongue. Watch the words you dish out of the bedroom of your tongue. Pick a broom or a vacuum cleaner and begin expunging all anti-broadcasting words away your tongue: racial words, obscene words, abusive words, suicidal expressions, etc.
First impression lasts longer. Start cultivating the culture of decent dressing, perfect human and inter-personal relationship, and start being an acolyte of good behavior.

(iii) Selfcasting Before Broadcasting.
Read as many as possible news papers and mags aloud to yourself. Record what you’ve read and listen to yourself. Learn the right reading culture and posture. Imitate your favorite news reader as to aid your pronunciation. Download reading, recording and studio work applications that can help your learning process.
If you have the money, apply for training session in a private studio in your area.

(iv) Dare the Bull’s Horn.
It’s time to take the bull by the horn. Dare the undared. Face the fear. It’s time for you to make the move, start visiting the media house(s) you want to work with. Submit application letters when necessary and use word of mouth when necessary then you’ll realise the rest is as simple as ABC.

Please before you rush into action, I want you to know that your comment can be of help to someone so say something. If you want to email me for private conversation then check “How To Profitably Rear Things People Hardly Rear”. Coming next is “How You Can Make An Acceptable Recorded Programme” so check back for it


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