What Happened?

Why is crab with no head?
Why is frog with no tail?
Why is fowl with no teeth?
Why is elephant with no lips to cover up its two giant teeth
and what offering has Mr. Chameleon made to freely wear other’s cloth?

O! Why is owl always where darkness flows?
Why is bat always upside down, watching flight of sparrows
and what offering has Mr. Bat made to have teeth like all human souls?

And why is that virgin be virgin for life?
And why is the foot of the duck not the same as the cock?

Millepedes are born with million legs but cannot run
Horses can run a million mile but with no horn
And time has caged the snail in shell but her horns cannot be made fun

O! What is equal in this world, can someone please, tell me?
For God made it to be so
If you wanna surely know the handwork of God
raise your hands up high
and tell me why’s your fingers not equal?

This poem is translated by Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry but was written in Yoruba language by Tolani Awotayo.


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