Job Interview

Why do you wanna
work with us?

Job expectation I must meet
for sure.

If not, sack must come
and life of mine be affected
and marriage of mine sufer form
and reputation of mine
in my town and congregation
turn caricature

No! Oh no.
I can’t allow my life to be
of such

So, I’m here to
work and work and work
and bring to
life, the expected result.

(squeezed his eyes and said)
hmmm, okay.
We’ll get in touch with you.

Of what was in the mind of interviewer,
I do not know.

Of what was the fate of interviewee,
only God knows.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


2 thoughts on “Job Interview

    1. I appreciate thy patience to read this and drop a comment on how you feel. Thanks a million times, you are the best. If you have any suggestion or correction on any of my post please, hesitate not to share… Thanks a lot

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