You’re Twenty Six Now

You’re twenty six now
single with beauty crown
_ still dark and lovely

Beauty of yours will soon wither
but who cares?

Who cares if you lose your youthfulness
in your thirties; who cares?

Who cares if your admirers decline to one
or none; who cares?

I care
the sooner the better you hook a guy
to marry

Smile and smile at many as you can see
and to him who smiles back at thee

Tell him
tell him that
the sun and moon rise in his eyes

Reach out
reach out to him
and whisper that
he’s worth following to the altar
and marry now
and marry now my lady or hence
Prince Asmodee will marry thee
in thy bed, on thy mattress
caressing thee in thy dreaming my lady

So, heed my advice!
I have to go now.
With sincere heart,
I wish you the best, my lesbo.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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