They say “adults don’t wear children’s head”
how come yours is different?

You ran to the foolish herbalist
diluted expired herbs
but what is the outcome?

Worship the hare!
Revenge is best served cold
have you not done yours? And now

Revenge has started cooking beans,
you ran down the street to buy bread
don’t you think it’s risky?

Mr. Odieshi,
believe me
that is so risky.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Love Without Sex


As a living witness

I can still confess

Of what is love without sex.


Is it loving so sexless

To keep righteous and sinless

Or what is love without sex?


Is it living in pretence

To maintain divine obedience

Or what is love without sex?


With me are total difference

Being a living witness

Of what is love without sex?


You can call this nonsense;

Say, I


Is living