Lady, You’re Too Proud


Lady, you’re too proud
you’re so proud about nothing
you senseless fish.

You’re too proud to me
you senseless thing
baked out of nothing bozo
why are you even allowed to walk the street?
Don’t make me question this nation’s
freedom of movement
you need a confinement
forever and ever, amen.

You’re too proud
you harshly talking
loudly nagging
looked down on me
here’s my honest reciprocity
I wish I could hold my peace
how can I be disrespected by
a mouth infested with stress marks
not a tribal mark combined
I can’t take such nonsense from
a loose bikini

O God of Rage!
Direct my noble curse
I must ravish and rape this lady
with my ray of abusive words
and for 40 days and 40 nights
she will cry and cry
unable to eat and sleep

You looked at me
like a caterpillar sent from hell
to destroy your flower
point of correction
your flower has long been destroyed
in toilet
since fourteen
when you were teen
only covering up with makeup
and low cost mascaras and creams

Do you know
you catwalk like a crippled chameleon
rolling herself on a wheel of time?

And when you talk
your voice stinks like rotten snails in a clay pot of water

And when you stand
your armpit smells badly like he-rat
been chased up and down by cat

You abuse me
with pimpled chin
you looked down on me
with shrinking eyes
your imbalance breast
will never know alignment

let me sound this note of warning
my reincarnation will be
at St. Laurent Boulevard street
in Canada
don’t ever come to the street
in the year 2105
else I’ll be filled with rage
and rain you abuses
whenever I meet you on the street
stay away from me.

NOTE: sometimes some people take an act of gentleness to mean timidity. When push to the wall the poem exemplifies how turning towards the attacker always look like. The poem is brought to you by

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying so high, not by might)