Facts Of Chess | Naija Poets

Some fellows think that chess is for warring

Some think it’s for intellectual fellows

Of two fellows aiming at each other’s crown

In sixty four squares of black and white

In sixty four squares of eight ranks and file

Olening repertoirs are personified

Philidor defense, Reti attacks and

The Samisch variation are few to mention

Great Kasparov, Great Karpov, Great Korchnoi

Zugzwang, forks, en passant an gambits

Awkward words and lame terminologies

All these … Facts Of Chess | Naija Poets.

Poem And Analysis Of The Fulani Creation Story | Naija Poets

Every Nigerian ethnic group have their mythical story of ewasmergence. This post takes a good look at the Fulani creation story; a mythical poem about how the Fulani people emerged.

This poem has always been loved by every eyes that read it maybe because of the way truth was crafted in a funny way in the poem.

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Poem And Analysis Of The Fulani Creation Story | Naija Poets.