3 Themes And 3 Characters In Native Son By Richard Wright


1) Capitalism and Communism, both concepts are very wide in the novel in terms of authority over economic resources. Native Son by Richard Wright has much of capitalist effects in the narrative. Dalton family and Buckley family are good instance of those living in the capitalists paradise while the Thomas family is on the communist side. The concept of capitalism favoured the Dalton but not the Thomas which could be one of the reasons associated to emergence of other themes.

2) Fear, among the themes of Native Son by Richard Wright shows that violent acts in the narrative are preceded by fear.

3) Discrimination and Oppression, pointing how the blacks were oppressed and discriminated against by the whites even to the level of touch.
1) Mrs. Dalton, the wife of Mr. Dalton, the rich White  American family.
2) Gus, one of the Bigger’s gang member.
3) Buddy, in the story, Buddy was always in support of Bigger’s actions.

SOURCE:- everyway2 blog


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