PayPal Nigerian ATM

This will be of utmost benefit to someone residing in Nigeria with the limitation of enjoying complete services rendered by PayPal in terms of making payment and receiving payment so easy, fast and secure.

Nigeria is one among the countries in West Africa. The capital is abuja and the population is well over 200 million citizens.

Paypal is under the control of Paypal Holdinga Inc. It is an internet payment service provider even at the moment of this post, remain the most used of all services. Other similar are Skrill, Payoneer, etc. In Nigeria, it is no more news that PayPal can only be used for making payment, not for receiving payment.

Automated Teller Machine, popularly called ATM is a machine provided by banks to enable human-machine transaction; thanks to advanced technology and computer. With ATM, withdrawal, deposit, billing, funding, registration are performed anytime anywhere with the aid of ATM card.

Nigerian PayPal ATM service is now possible. Couple of years back, Nigerians could only perform PayPal transactions via their personal computer or smart mobile devices but it is now made possible by financial institutions for any ATM card holder to insert his/her card into the ATM and perform PayPal transaction via the machine.

The PayPal option can be found on ATM via Transfer Option.

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