The 10 Keys To Maintain Optimism In Your Career

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In this article, I will shed few lights on the vital keys to maintain optimism in your career.

1. Put your ego aside: Everyday is a new chance for you to create an unforgettable history. Put your ego aside and start doing amazing things.

2. Embrace change: “As a man thinketh so is he”. If you believe you’re now a new person, then sure you are. Start wearing the outlook of the new person you are by dropping some old traits of yours and pickup new ones; and remember that every act of change is gradual.

3. Definition of purpose: A huge congratulation to those who have clearly recognized and stated their purpose. For the sake of this article, it is also necessary to pin down your clearly stated purpose by writing it somewhere you can can always see time and time again.

4. Reduce your fear: The best way to reduce or conquer fear is to do that which you’re afraid of doing.

5. Accept all responsibility: Jumping from frypan into the fire is a drastic disaster. No matter what the case may be, do not place blames and do not live on excuses_ excuses and Blame only make things worse.

6. Handle criticism: Criticism is like the air we breadth. In whatever action one embarks, there is always critics standing at every junction of the marathon. Therefore, to handle criticism positively, it’s sensible to see your critics as ladder to your next level.

7. Pick the better parts of the past: Always read the handwriting on the wall. Every wise person will never dwell on the past. They rather harness their past experiences to their own present advantage.

8. Be solution oriented: There is solution in every situation. Every situation is a solution you need forge ahead in your chosen endeavor.

9. Adopt the 80/20 tactics: I have always loved this rule. Click the link to read the detail 80/20 tactics.

10. Don’t quit 100%: It is good to start picking a new pearls but throwing away the old ones  you’ve labored to pick; seems an unfair decision. It is said that so many people quit not knowing how close they are to the gold.

As aforementioned, I’m a fashion designer and if you have doubt; feel free to ((click my click gallery))


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