Your Opinion Is Needed On The Fashion Industry

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I’m a fashion designer, as an addition to my Whitecolar jobs. If you check my gallery, you will see some of my stuff.

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In this article, I will like to remind you that the federal government needs your opinion on fashion industry.

The subject of fashion is an interesting discussion anytime any day.

The fashion world is seriously changing, and likewise the textile industries’ creativity globally.
With your personal computer or mobile smartphone, you can easily with changes by downloading the various 2018 fashion weeks on YouTube or other video alternatives.

You can as well lay hands on the best fashion magazines for more insights or you can even try free subscription fashion magazines online.

The public eyes and focus are on adult wears (male and female) with nothing to really worry about the baby wears.

And article on fashionpolicydialogue website noted that the Nigeria textile market is now almost reliant on importation_ it was once the third largest textile market in Africa. In 2017 alone, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) reported that $4 billion went into the importation of textiles in Nigeria. Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has been in existence since 1971; an agency who has not failed in ensuring positive contributions from manufacturers to the national economy.
Your opinion matters, most especially, as a fashion lover. Therefore, if you feel like dropping your own personal opinion regarding state of fashion in the country, then Click Here

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As aforementioned, I’m a fashion designer and if you have doubt; feel free to ((click my click gallery))


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