Big Brother Season 22 Episode 2 Review: Week 1 Nominations

It’s only week one and the game play is already in full throttle.

Seriously, though, with a season of All-Stars did we expect anything different?

First, some old grievances had to come to light in Big Brother Season 22 Episode 2.

I get so emotional when I think of Da’vonne. She literally changed my life.


Once all the excitement from the live move-in night settled down, Nicole sought out Da’Vonne and thanked her. If it wasn’t for her vote in BB18, Nicole would not have won. For that, Nicole is eternally grateful.

Day, however, is not ready to just think they are all buddy-buddy again. 

Da’Vonne knows better than to trust Nicole Franzel again. The girl turned on Day in their season together and it’s likely she will do it again with no qualms.

Oh, wait. She’s already planning that.

You make a guy’s alliance. I’m gonna try to make a girl’s alliance. I’m gonna tell you everything.


Sure enough, Nicole F. and Cody bond over their shared experience on season 16 of Big Brother. Cody trusts Nicole, and Nicole wants to go all the way to the end with him. She even suggests to him that they each start gendered alliances, and she would report back to him from the girls.


I hate to be the one to say it, but Nicole seems to have always been a guy’s girl. She has had very little interest in remaining loyal to the women she’s “aligned” herself with in the past. This idea of hers to create a girl’s alliance with the intent to betray them is just further proof of this.

Seriously, I hope Cody makes a bigger guys alliance with Enzo, Memphis, and Tyler, and Nicole ends up playing the Britney to their Brigade. It’s what she deserves.

Cody has already told Tyler he has nothing at all to worry about this first HOH. Those two aligning together would shock no one. 

Cody and Nicole talk about how Janelle and Kaysar are big competition. The two played on two seasons together back to back, and won a lot of competitions. Janelle and Kaysar are at the top of his list of nominations, with Keesha also making the short list. 

The Safety Suite twist threw a little wrench in his plans, though.

In play for only three weeks, the houseguests will have the chance to fight for safety for themselves and a plus-one every week. This is but a one-time chance, though, so if you play one week, you won’t be able to ever again.

David was worried, but as Bayleigh pointed out, he just has week one eviction PTSD. No one is even worried about him.

Keesha, Janelle, and Kaysar, however, correctly deduced they might be in danger this week.

Kaysar went to talk to Cody, but did not feel at all safe after their talk. Janelle went to speak to him, too, but the guy just spoke in circles. He gave neither of them assurances of their safety.

I know Cody’s up to no good. I know he’s gonna put me on that block, next to Janelle.


Cody should’ve known better. These are Big Brother OGs. They can smell BS from a mile away. His poker face is terrible and he can’t lie well enough, either.

Cody even had a talk with Memphis, another guy to whom he immediately promised safety.

Both Cody and Memphis were apart of significant final two alliances that made it to the end, The Hitmen and Renegade Squad. Both men were outplayed, though, by their counterparts, Derrick and Dan, and were runner-ups their seasons.

This is their chance to prove neither of them were carried to the end, and they, too, can be the brains of the operation. Whether or not they succeed this time around is yet to be seen.

Cody admits to Memphis, too, that he considers Janelle and Kaysar the biggest threats in the house, and he is considering nominating them. Well, speak of the devil and he shall appear.

While Cody and Memphis are still chatting it up and with only 10 seconds left on the Safety Suite countdown clock, Janelle and Kaysar used their VIP passes for the Safety Suite.

This rankled Cody, because these were the exact two people he was planning to put on the block. As Janelle pointed out, however, he’s got to be a better liar.

Sorry, Cody. This is All-Stars. It’s gonna take a lot more moves than that and better lying ability to get me out of the house.


The Don’t Miss a Beat competition required the two contestants to listen to a song, then recreate it on the deejay table.

Kaysar thwarted Cody’s plans by winning with a time of 7:55 and choosing Janelle as his plus-one.

Cody could barely keep his disgruntled face in check when announcing the winner.

Kaysar rightly said in the diary room, he’s got to teach these new-age kids that he is not to be trifled with! Kaysar is here to play and he is here to win, people!

This presents a new problem to Cody. He thought it was going to be smooth-sailing, nominating the two OG players who have reputations of good gameplay. His bad.

Common sense would tell him to go the route that would get the less blood on his hands: nominate the two players who have already won the game, Ian and Nicole F. There are only two former winners in the house. It’s so easy.

However, I won’t completely discredit Cody’s gameplay. He knows Nicole F. from his season. He doesn’t seem to know much about many of the older players. Nicole F. can very well be the Victoria to his Derrick. She is an asset for him. Either way, I don’t see him taking her to the final two over one of the guys.

Instead of the obvious, Cody instead considers two other OG players. Keesha, he just does not know; he didn’t even recognize her when she entered the house. Kevin, he feels he can smooth things over with after the fact.

Not even knowing he was going on the block yet, Kevin reached out to Cody and broke our hearts. 

Kevin feels awkward in general and just so different from Cody — the typical good-looking “jock” type guy — that he didn’t know how to approach him.

Cody, to his credit, felt awful and did his best to put Kevin at ease around him, letting him know he could always come talk to him.

He didn’t feel bad enough, though. He had to remember this is just a game, and he had to set his emotions aside.

Keesha and David are on the block and one of them is going home this week (maybe).

Over to you, Fanatics! 

Who do you want to win veto?

What do you make of Janelle and Kaysar’s decision to play in the safety competition?

After you watch Big Brother online, sound off in the comments, and tell us who you want to go home this week!

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