Grand Fashion: Padres Hit Grand Slam for MLB-Record Fourth Straight Game

Pitchers should probably stop loading the bases against the Padres.

Note to opposing pitchers: Do not load the bases against the Padres.

Whether they’re up seven or trailing late, the Padres are here to hit grand slams. Never mind a sacrifice fly, or taking a 3-0 pitch, or just trying to put the ball in play. When the ducks are on the pond, #SlamDiego hitters are swinging for the fences.

On Thursday, Eric Hosmer blasted a grand slam in the fifth inning against the Rangers, putting the Padres up 5-2. It was an MLB-record fourth straight game in which a Padres batter has hit a grand slam, following the lead of Fernando Tatís Jr., Wil Myers and Manny Machado in the previous three games.

That each slam has come against the Rangers, after Texas took issue with Tatís’ swinging at a 3-0 pitch while his team led 10-3 in Monday’s game, has the air of karmic justice. After Tatís’ slam, Texas hit Manny Machado with a pitch, resulting in suspensions for manager Chris Woodward and Ian Gibaut.

Thankfully for the Rangers, Thursday’s game was the series finale, so Texas pitchers will be mercifully spared from further embarrassment. Astros pitchers, though, should be on high alert when they face #SlamDiego this weekend.


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