Coroner Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Quick or Dead

Well, that was quite the adrenaline rush. Coroner Season 1 Episode 4 was the best episode yet, I’d say, with a lot of twists and turns.

Why do the characters I like the most have to be complete idiots? I guess it’s because I’m invested in the consequences of their idiocy. It makes it more exciting that way. And man, was it exciting. I was on the edge of my seat, figuratively speaking.

First, we have Amanda, a charming, sweet girl who realized on Coroner Season 1 Episode 3 that her boyfriend might be harboring a fugitive. She was doing well, then.

Jenny: I screwed up.
McAvoy: What?
Jenny: Amanda. I’ve been trying to get her on the phone since the apiary.
McAvoy: That’s not your job. That’s police work.
Jenny: She asked me to protect her. She was scared. She said she wanted to come home with me.
McAvoy: You followed protocol. You learn soon enough, in this job, there are a lot of stray cats.
Jenny: She’s a young girl.
McAvoy: You know what I mean. You can’t take all of them home. All right, Cat Lady? Or should I say Dr. Cat Lady?

But she still trusted Dylan for some reason. He gave her a ring and asked her to run away to Australia with him and Storm. She knew Storm is shady, but she decided to go with it.

And she didn’t answer Jenny’s calls. I get that maybe she didn’t trust her as much, and she wanted to trust Dylan, but she found a gun!

No, really, a lot of people probably would have behaved the same. I’m not sure if that makes it better or not. I really wanted Amanda to make it out of this episode alive, and for whatever reason, I spent a lot of time thinking she probably would.

But there were a few moments when I was sure she was a dead girl walking. She came so close to death so many times. Thank goodness she was addicted to social media. That helped the cops to find her.

Social media actually played a pretty important role. Not only did it help the investigation, it nearly got Ross killed.

Jenny: I can’t help but think we caused all this.
McAvoy: You mean we freaked Dylan out by going to his house?
Jenny: Didn’t we? I mean, his mom, Professor Kamau, William Webber, they were all dead before this.
McAvoy: If we hadn’t gone around Dylan and Storm never would have killed the Jeffries? Is that what you think?
Jenny: Yeah, well, build me a time machine and let’s find out.
McAvoy: If I could do that, I’d go visit the dinosaurs.

Jenny’s beautiful baby boy, who we love, acted like a big, beautiful dumbass.

His mom warned him about the book. No, she shouldn’t have left it out in the first place. And yes, she could have been clearer about why it was dangerous.

She can’t talk about a case, but he’d already read the book. What harm would it have done to tell him Dylan was a psycho?

If he had known that it was about more than getting his mom in trouble, he might not have tagged his location.

He literally took a picture of himself working with Liam on the property!

Ross: Hashtagworklife. Hashtagmyoffice.
Liam: Hashtaggivemeyourphone. Come on.

Liam was a superstar. If there was ever a question about whether he was more than a one-night-stand to Jenny, it became clear here.

He really cares about this family. He saved Jenny’s son, her precious baby boy, the only love left in her life.

For all Ross is going through, he works very hard to make things easier for his mom. He knows how hard it is for her and is such a good kid.

They may not be healthy people individually, but it is a healthy and enviable parent-child relationship.

Part of why I love Ross so much is because of how he treats his mom. You just don’t see that too often.

Liam: I was in the military.
Ross: Oh. You never told me that.
Liam: I don’t really like to talk about it.
Ross: Maybe talking about it would help. Come on. My dad’s dead, alright. It’s messing me up.
Liam: Yeah. Did you wanna talk about it?
Ross: Nope.
Liam: See.
Ross: Yep.
Liam: Okay. Ready to do some heavy lifting.
Ross: Yeah. Yeah, like men. Like dudes not having any feelings. I’m just bonding with you man, come on.

Ross has been going through a lot recently, and it was all laid bare.

He let out that cathartic yell we all want to let out but are too afraid to reveal. I both pitied and envied him at that moment.

But it looks like a little near-death experience has helped him bounce back. 

He’s doing better, and he and his boyfriend are on the right track again. How cute was that dance scene with him and Matteo? They are very shippable.

Ross: I saw you on TV!
Jenny: Hey. Yeah, well, everybody’s mad at me.
Ross: Yeah, but that’s your superpower. You don’t care.

All around, it was a dangerous and terrifying hour for Ross fans, but it ended on a good note.

For Jenny fans, it was more of a mixed bag.

She won the day. The case was solved, and lives were saved. She saved Amanda.

But she also did something pretty drastic that is going to bring a lot down on her moving forward. McAvoy is not happy.

Honestly, I get where they are both coming from. The best thing they could do is to build that time machine she talked about and fire Dr. Peterson. He really screwed up things.

Gideon Kamau, William Webber, Olivia Lee, Liban Bowen, Randall Jeffries Senior, Sarah Jeffries, and Kendall Hosein. Those are the names of the victims of this pointless killing spree. And I will not be saying the names of the killers. You know, it is my mission, as coroner, to speak for the dead so that I can protect the living. And people died because my office made mistakes. Past investigations were handled poorly and because of that, some of the people I just mentioned lost their lives. So … I am officially reopening all of the cases of former pathologist Dr. Ian Peterson, effective immediately.


On the one hand, Jenny could close open cases and clear innocent people. That’s why she did what she did and it’s not a half-bad reason.

However, McAvoy is right, too. Jenny’s actions give the guilty a second change to overturn their convictions.

I don’t know a lot about the Canadian legal system, but I’m betting that every criminal convicted wants out. Why would that mentality be any different in Canada than the US? That includes all the ones who actually did it.

Jenny: Hey, Donovan? You know why I did this, right?
McAvoy: You have no idea what you just did, so I’m gonna tell you. Every lawyer with a convicted murderer in the past ten years is about to file an appeal. Because you’ve called all of the autopsies and coroner rulings into question. That’s my work you’re undoing. I catch killers, just like I did today.
Jenny: These are people
McAvoy: So you wanna uncover the truth? Great. With it comes all the zombies straight out of the ground.

It’s messy, law, and crime, and everything Jenny and McAvoy deal with. So many lives can be destroyed with one wrong move from their offices.

Now Jenny’s lost the few allies she had. She’s going to be fighting tooth and nail to get anything done from here on out.

McAvoy: After skimming the so-called “God Abyss,” we may be looking at delusion by proxy.
Jenny: Which is?
McAvoy: It’s a psychological situation, like a pact, between two disturbed individuals sharing a violent fantasy. The conspiracy stuff in Storm’s dorm room, Dylan’s book …
Jenny: Hey do we know who this TPK is that he dedicated it to?
Dr. Allen: It could be another author. A lot of them have three names.
Det Kim: Mother’s maiden name is Kung. Could be a relative.
Jenny: Okay, listen to this, “The land of the sun is where we must go. It’s where we’ll find freedom and release.”

We finally got a lead on the mysterious black dog. Not much of a lead, but a lead is a lead. At this point, I’ll take anything because that plot point is getting confusing and a little annoying. It may have helped her save Amanda, but it still doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Also, who else noticed that weird thing Jenny’s eyes did at the end?

Is this a supernatural show? Does she have some kind of superpower, other than apparently not caring that people are angry with her?

I’m intrigued and confused, a constant state for people who watch this show, it seems.

So what do you think, Fanatics?

Is what Jenny did a good thing?

Are we finally going to get answers about the black dog?

And what was up with Jenny’s eyes?

Let us know in the comments and remember you can watch Coroner online right here via TV Fanatic.

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