My fellow masses! My hopeful citizenry!
Here comes to you samueldpoetry

Can you hear my reverberating voice?
Are you leaking the juice of my jamboree?
My poetic jamboree of sincerity

Must we accept these gravels blown Into our democratic staring eyes?

Indebtedness is neocolonialism
When will this government Caesar cease
Selling cunningly our souls to the world bank?
For exchange of gold from the world bank

There is fire on this mountain, no where to run
Day in day out, each break of the morning

I open my iris, the unbelievables I see
I see elderly arms milking publicly the
National cow one after the other
The greedy soldier-ants are draining the ants’ reservoir
The selfish fishermen are monopolizing the pond

The Napoleon is plotting against The Snowball
O my good gracious Lord and God,

Is this the new era animal farm?
The problem of the eye is the problem of the nose
We son of the soil_ wearing crown of this fatherland
Hate it or like it, we’re now wearing crown of thorns;
Monkey is working, baboon is chilling
The hands that borrow are the hands stealing.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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Facts Of Chess | Naija Poets

Some fellows think that chess is for warring

Some think it’s for intellectual fellows

Of two fellows aiming at each other’s crown

In sixty four squares of black and white

In sixty four squares of eight ranks and file

Olening repertoirs are personified

Philidor defense, Reti attacks and

The Samisch variation are few to mention

Great Kasparov, Great Karpov, Great Korchnoi

Zugzwang, forks, en passant an gambits

Awkward words and lame terminologies

All these … Facts Of Chess | Naija Poets.

The Steps Of Time

If you can count the steps of time
say sixty seconds make one minute
sixty minutes make one hour
twenty four hours make one day
and one dove and two cowries
and three kolanuts broken
make the world a place to be
at the era of magic backfire
they’ll say
“why are you so lean, my guy?”
you must lie,
it is malaria fever.

Life is what you make it to be
and time is like statue of Nnemonisha;
it will surely leave forever.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying really high now)
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The Owner’s Complain

IMG_20140726_053434Oh! My sole

Why have you lost confidence

in me?

Why have you lost patience

in me?

Why have you lost resilience

in this your state?

Why have you lost your newness

and as well

your genuineness to day-to-day stress?

Don’t answer me.

I delebrately tortured you

to be like this.

Samuel C Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Origami of the Mind


Stupidity’s watching the tree speaking

The tree’s watching stupidity misconfusing

the speeches of the tree to a hustling and

jostling and

clapping and clashing and crushing and slashing of

the leaves of the tree blown by breezing winds or winding breezes__ whatever.

So, stupidity’s whatever eyes that see

but cannot realise that

trees speak as human beings.

Samuel C Enunwa aka samueldpoetry