Upright Breast by Samuel Enunwa


This post is motivated by the uprightness of breast. An upright breast adds beauty to women and make men get more attracted to them but it has always remain the cause of men (not excluding this poet) lossing control and indulging in cheating.

Upright breast.

Milk must be there within

sugar tasting like sugarcane

in mixing with

salivary liquid of a baby and me

fornicating someone else’s property. Oh

Reverend Father! Please, this’ my confession.

I truly wish to stop it.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
now @ naijapoets.com

You’re Still 14

Alone already you’re visiting
lonely guys at home.

You’re still 14.
Why can’t you wait till
the 2 tiny cones
on the chest of yours be evident
before inviting phallic things
to thy peppery orifice
to frick thy wet underneaths

If I may…
how many different ways can
women crush okra?
You’re yet to know because
you’re still 14.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

In Quest For Peace

In quest for peace,
yes, murder begins initiation
statues do not gamble
oozings must be tabled
garnishing the cake of worship
not sheep… missing souls,
o yes! obscene orgies
surging to altarly climax and come
Ah! Light has come now
clasping a dagger now
chasing brutally up and down now
please, sit down and listen
and listen to the sound,
the footsteps of the furious entity
helter-skelterly chased not
by the deeds of his hands
but the nemesis his sins deserve
in all deceit has given
while in quest for peace.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

When Time To Ejaculate

When to ejaculate tremor
Radiates my
Medulla oblongatally stored brain

Sudden feeling of fear and fidgeting
Stiff in my bones
Like a dialed phone I vibrate
Moaning the pinching itching
Sensations within
To lose my weight

And same is the feeling I feel
When writing all I write
So cease thinking all I write
I write with levity.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Every Time I Take A Day From Work

Every time I take a day off

From work

I drink Smirnoff
English: Wall painting from Pompeii brothel

With friends

And visit the brothel

For sex

Then pray for forgiveness

In toilet

While vomitting the drinkings

I’m scared

I’m about to take another off


Only God can take me off

From this path that I tread

A+D+D+I+C+T+E+D = AddicteD.

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Why is it a Crime to be with You?

Why is it a crime
To be with you?
Sitting next to me
In your room

We are fine
Shifting your face far away
Complaining while adjusting your bra
With nipple rising

Your eyes are dimming like you wanna sleep
I can see
You are sweating in and in
And openning in your thighs
Fanning through your skirt
Hoping I won’t know you are wet
I am wet as well

So be at rest for the first time
And lets find out what we’ve got
With no regret.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


Python (film)
Python (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I stood still and still

And still and still and still and still

And still as if my CD of rhyme is skipping


It was only God who saved me


What exactly happened?

I went under the mango tree

Close to a riverine

Waiting for my concubine

In Mr. Aminu’s garden of eden

Who warned us not to

But harden

Our ears and refused to listen


Mr. Aminu’s garden of eden is

The best rendezvous

For me and my boo


With her iphone

Under the mango tree

We listen to Wizkid

And Psquare and dance alingo

And hug and pluck the mango


Under the tree I was waiting for love to come

A python bigger than anaconda and long

Came from the tree and stood up to me

Blinking her ferocious eyes blazing light

Standing tight wagging tongue ready to fight


So I stood still and still

And still and still and still and still

And still as if my CD of rhyme is skipping


Before a miracle happened

And I was free

It was only God who saved me

Omo! Love no go kill me o.


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
“Infidelity holds a deadly joy for everyone.”