My fellow masses! My hopeful citizenry!
Here comes to you samueldpoetry

Can you hear my reverberating voice?
Are you leaking the juice of my jamboree?
My poetic jamboree of sincerity

Must we accept these gravels blown Into our democratic staring eyes?

Indebtedness is neocolonialism
When will this government Caesar cease
Selling cunningly our souls to the world bank?
For exchange of gold from the world bank

There is fire on this mountain, no where to run
Day in day out, each break of the morning

I open my iris, the unbelievables I see
I see elderly arms milking publicly the
National cow one after the other
The greedy soldier-ants are draining the ants’ reservoir
The selfish fishermen are monopolizing the pond

The Napoleon is plotting against The Snowball
O my good gracious Lord and God,

Is this the new era animal farm?
The problem of the eye is the problem of the nose
We son of the soil_ wearing crown of this fatherland
Hate it or like it, we’re now wearing crown of thorns;
Monkey is working, baboon is chilling
The hands that borrow are the hands stealing.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

3 Themes And 3 Characters In Native Son By Richard Wright


1) Capitalism and Communism, both concepts are very wide in the novel in terms of authority over economic resources. Native Son by Richard Wright has much of capitalist effects in the narrative. Dalton family and Buckley family are good instance of those living in the capitalists paradise while the Thomas family is on the communist side. The concept of capitalism favoured the Dalton but not the Thomas which could be one of the reasons associated to emergence of other themes.

2) Fear, among the themes of Native Son by Richard Wright shows that violent acts in the narrative are preceded by fear.

3) Discrimination and Oppression, pointing how the blacks were oppressed and discriminated against by the whites even to the level of touch.
1) Mrs. Dalton, the wife of Mr. Dalton, the rich White  American family.
2) Gus, one of the Bigger’s gang member.
3) Buddy, in the story, Buddy was always in support of Bigger’s actions.

SOURCE:- everyway2 blog

Simple Analysis Of Ambush By Gbemisola Adeoti

This is a simple and brief analysis of Ambush by Gbemisola Adeoti. This post which is to assist candidates preparing for WAEC MAY/JUNE NOV/DEC GCE NECO will be in a summary form.

Ambush was written by Gbemisola Adeoti, a lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state. The poem has a candid tone in a worry mood. It has rural/riverine settings and made use of metaphor to broadcast its messages to the readers.

The poem shares the plight of the people of “This land” as it was repeatedly referred to by the poet. It spoke of how their endeavors amounted to nothing while their dangers increased. (a) hopelessness (b) helplessness (c) deceitfulness (d) danger; these are the themes of the poem. Detail about the poet, the poem, the poetic devices, the themes, the setting, are in the excruciating detailed analysis of ambush by Gbemisola Adeoti

Poem And Analysis Of The Fulani Creation Story | Naija Poets

Every Nigerian ethnic group have their mythical story of ewasmergence. This post takes a good look at the Fulani creation story; a mythical poem about how the Fulani people emerged.

This poem has always been loved by every eyes that read it maybe because of the way truth was crafted in a funny way in the poem.

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Poem And Analysis Of The Fulani Creation Story | Naija Poets.

Lady, You’re Too Proud


Lady, you’re too proud
you’re so proud about nothing
you senseless fish.

You’re too proud to me
you senseless thing
baked out of nothing bozo
why are you even allowed to walk the street?
Don’t make me question this nation’s
freedom of movement
you need a confinement
forever and ever, amen.

You’re too proud
you harshly talking
loudly nagging
looked down on me
here’s my honest reciprocity
I wish I could hold my peace
how can I be disrespected by
a mouth infested with stress marks
not a tribal mark combined
I can’t take such nonsense from
a loose bikini

O God of Rage!
Direct my noble curse
I must ravish and rape this lady
with my ray of abusive words
and for 40 days and 40 nights
she will cry and cry
unable to eat and sleep

You looked at me
like a caterpillar sent from hell
to destroy your flower
point of correction
your flower has long been destroyed
in toilet
since fourteen
when you were teen
only covering up with makeup
and low cost mascaras and creams

Do you know
you catwalk like a crippled chameleon
rolling herself on a wheel of time?

And when you talk
your voice stinks like rotten snails in a clay pot of water

And when you stand
your armpit smells badly like he-rat
been chased up and down by cat

You abuse me
with pimpled chin
you looked down on me
with shrinking eyes
your imbalance breast
will never know alignment

let me sound this note of warning
my reincarnation will be
at St. Laurent Boulevard street
in Canada
don’t ever come to the street
in the year 2105
else I’ll be filled with rage
and rain you abuses
whenever I meet you on the street
stay away from me.

NOTE: sometimes some people take an act of gentleness to mean timidity. When push to the wall the poem exemplifies how turning towards the attacker always look like. The poem is brought to you by

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying so high, not by might)