The Oozing Democracy

In the drama “Tyrant” Season 3
Ahmed said,
“We kill each other and
We also bury each other”

In this life we are
There’ll always be differences_
People stepping on people toes
Leading to battle of strategies

While some wrestle loudly,
Others checkmate their antagonists
With the believe that
It’s better to be haunted by ghost
Than haunted by a fellow human being

Whatever the case may be
Life is no duplicate
We all possess one chance to live

Humans should cease to prey humans
And the North and the East
And the West territories
Should voluntarily pick the ribbon of peace

Enough is enough!
All Northern Nigerian human mosquitos
Should Please!
Forgo terror for peace
For enough is enough of the killings

A local Newspaper headline
Boldly reads,
“901 Killed in Middle Belt Since January”

901 human beings
Not fingerlings;

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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A good thing to acquire
Should be none but power.
Please, doubt not the strenght of power
For a great rewarder
Stays a pinch of power
From a power wielder
While a bucket of power
Worths the world over.
Before wearing your attire
Of doubt, I’ll take you farther
Back to the old Oyo empire
When lived in the empire
A man called Basorun Gaa:
With lots and lots of power
From position, wizardry and voodoo attire.
Well respected and well admired,
He was second in the empire
To the king of the empire.
Suddenly, suddenly Basorun Gaa
And all the fruits of Gaa
Changed and went haywire
When driven by strenght of power
Then fear formed a very bitter
Sweet on the lips of old Oyo dwellers
And disaster lay over disaster
In the old Oyo empire
When lived Basorun Gaa
And all the fruits of Gaa
When they needed candle in the empire
Houses of dwellers, they set on fire
When the king of the old Oyo empire
Rode on horses, Basorun Gaa
And all the fruits of Gaa
Rode on the back of dwellers.
Three kings of the old Oyo empire
Basorun Gaa took to slaughter.
All the fruits of Gaa
And Gaa in the old Oyo empire
Were so over driven by power.
Heads and flesh of dwellers
They joyfully place on their amala.
Finally, power failed Basorun Gaa
He was caught by the dwellers
Who burnt and bartered
His flesh at the market square
Though, a good thing to acquire
Should be none but power
But a careless wielder
Could change and go haywire
Like Gaa and all the fruits of Gaa.

      Samuel C.Enunwa May  22, 2010