Of all the things of my interest
Women I take to be the first;
Women are gifts, women are pets
Women are fragile elements

It pains when pain and death
Cajole cancer to take their breath

It’s very important that
Women keep taking their Pap tests
For cervical cancers that lead to death
Are found in women with irregular tests

If you can see this Mr. Japhet
Take this message to thy pet
If you can see this lady Janet… Read Detail via the Source : EARLY CERVICAL CANCER Part 1 (the prevention)

Magic Tools To Increase Website Traffic Free

It is best to know that internet is not a joke or neither for the *jokers* because the population of the people making their living via the internet will not permit the act of mediocrity to thrive. In a simple rephrase, internet is a business which follows the process of investing to earnings (you put in your time, your knowledge and your money as to earn more money, better status or even both). The higher the investment, the higher the possible gain_ that is why promotional efforts are very essential online today as one of the certainties towards internet prosperity. I have written a very trending article titled [The Blind Spot In Blogging For Money]_ you need to check it out as well.

The financially and the non-financially promotional strategies are available to anyone who has online commercial motive ranging from online service delivery, ecommerce store, down to the mere act of personal blogging. No wonder we see ads fly with tireless wings all over the internet last year and this present. Many people and organizations are eager to pay for the success of their online projects which on the other hand has left advertising agencies with no option than to work night and days to dazzle their clients with result-guaranteed ad formats such as banner ads, text ads, popunders, interstitial, in-text ads, page ads, direct link ads, bar ads, keyword ads, native ads, feed XML ads, email ads, search ads, etc.

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Many organizational webmasters and sole-bloggers are witnessing the headache of attaining their desired traffic. While those with cash showoff their financially buoyant by allowing their money work the traffic magic for them, those with no willingness to part with the token in their wallets resolved to searching nooks and crannies of the internet for the free ways to increase their web traffic… Read Detail via Source: The Free Tools That Magically Increase Website Traffic

Business Ethics (The 6 Principles)

According to David Murray (1997) “the ethics of business and organizational life have acquired a considerably higher public as well as professional profile during the past fifteen years”

The key business ethics concern is the way that the business conducts its ordinary, everyday routine activities. The way the firm deals with its staff and its customers, the way it designs and supports its products, the way it awards contract and apportions blame; all these are the key determinants of whether a business is ethical and are as important as the way it deals with crisis.

According to Elegido (1996) the following are constituting a reasonably complete list of independent and ultimate principle of business ethics:-

1) Principle of Solidarity: We must be concerned with promoting the wellbeing of all human beings, not only our own. In so far as we fail to do so, we undermine our own fulfilment.

2) Principle of Role Responsible: One does not have responsibility for all the aspects of the wellbeing of all human beings. One’s special circumstance, capacities, roles and commitments give one a priority responsibility for certain aspects of the well being of… Read Detail Via Source: samuel contemporary: 6 Principles Of Business Ethics

The Difference Between Shopify Or Spotify

Just having fun posting for similarity reason. It is clear that Shopify and Spotify sound much alike_ even a wrongly typed URL can lead an inquisitive seeker to either of the websites.

What is Shopify?
Shopify is a place for anyone interested in online store to start making his or her internet dreams come true. It is an ecommerce platform with a difference though similar in part to Woocommerce and the rest… Read Detail Via Source: samuel contemporary: Shopify Or Spotify: When Standing At The Crossroad

Where To Go: Amazon Or Other Affiliate 

When it comes to selling affiliate links or selling online products of any given marketplace, the experience is similar in that they both offer the publisher or webmaster a certain percentage of commission based on sales made through such affiliate promotion.

Lets assume that your choice is to promote products of an online marketplace, the easiest of all is Amazon.com. There are other similar online marketplaces like aliexpress.com, ebay.com, everblue.com, shareasale.com, clickbank.com, cj.com (which means Commission Junction) and should in case you’re a Nigeria webmaster or your website has a lot… Read Detail Via Source: samuel contemporary: Amazon Or Other Affiliate (Which To Sell)

Becoming An Entrepreneur (There 3 Major Risks)

(1) Financial Risks: – The risk here arises from losing the capital invested in the business. A capital can either be venture or working capital. A capital for a business is a product of cash whether the capital is building or carriable equipment or not; that is to say, a capital is the money put into business for purchase of goods and services that aid the running of a business. An entrepreneur stands the risk of losing the money either by purchasing substandard materials or by not making profit just to mention little.

(2) Career Risk: – The risk here arises from the possible difficulty in returning to former profession after resignation due to the pursuance of a new personal enterprise. It is truth that not all job has job security or satisfactory job security, but a job that an entrepreneur resigns from have been serving as a steady source of income but the new enter… READ DETAIL VIA Source: samuel contemporary: 3 Main Risks Of Becoming An Entrepreneur


Who says other coaches
Do better Benitez?

Rafael Benitez is a man of magic
… He proves human within his practice
Who can be strong or sometimes weak
Rafael Benitez is a coach of coaches

He lives within the bricks
Of humility, maturity and experiences
And placards dont make him freak
As haters dont…

Source: samuel contemporary: WHO SAYS OTHER COACHES DO BETTER BENITEZ?