Illiterate Politician

Moyet Vintage Cognac, France


I’m here to tell thee of the

Illiterate politicians

At the nightclubs

You will meet them

Are local government Chairmen

And Councillors

And some might be Supers

And some might be members of the House of Assembly

Sitting there

They always wear oversize shirts

The jeans they wear

Must either be branded:

Lexus Jean

Or Pepsi Jean

English: Propaganda Pepsi with Shakira on the ...
English: Propaganda Pepsi with Shakira on the street. Português: Propaganda da Pepsi com a Shakira na rua. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shakira Jean

Or Obama Jean

And girls,

Move close to them

You’ll hear:

“Fine girl,

Let me buy you Moyes  (Moyet Vintage Cognac)

An plenty plenty suya

An I redy to spent on yor head

An take you to US

In my laserjet (private jet)

Where I always watch the blues

Becos Im a Sessy fans (a Chelsea fan) for life”

Chelsea's crest, 2005–present
Chelsea’s crest, 2005–present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you imagine those lies?

They lie blindly

But if you need money

You wont have to care about their lies

And volcabulary bombing.

Samuel C. Enunwa


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