Seeking The Best Online Monetization

Online revenue has been in existence for quite awhile now. Most common way people make online income is by becoming an ad publisher which is mostly for webaite owners.

The most embraced strategy is the use of Google Adsense because it pays better than any other advert network but the rigorous approval process for adsense has made many seek adsense alternatives.

Adsense is not bad at all and so are these third-party AdSense alternatives which I have tried (1) Infolinks, (2) Bidvertiser, (3) Revenuehits, etc {all these links do pay us commission}.

Egg Of A Quail

Beak is for birds
Shell is for eggs
The by-product of a bird
Income, feeding come from it

Blessed are the eaters of it
For they shall know good health

What are we saying?
Neglect not ugly ellipsoidal things

Taking in egg of a quail is
Making thy belly a mine
Of precious gems
Of copper, zinc
Iron, magnesium
And unbelievable things

At the sight of egg of a quail
Ulcer, liver disorder
Blindness and more ailments
Run away
Far away

Egg of a quail
Add at least two to
Thy meals today.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry